Tuesday, September 05, 2006

It was, i would say ,not a very wise decision to take the course of "DESIGN AND ANALYSIS OF ALGORITHM " as my breadth .....the reason.....as i am sitting in the lab with around 100 more students trying to crack the kruscal and prim algorithms, the mere insignificance of such massive efforts lead me to poetry and become my saviour in the time of severe boredom...here goes the lines of my poem..

In this sea of computers
perhaps i am the only one who thinks;
the one who knows
the life's crucial links.

What will these programs match
the best program ever cracked
the programs that always compiles
but runs like water splashed.

Someone must be the best programmer
that every program is masterly naive
self contradictory but still runs
like a sleeky sine wave.

Oh! what a program is this
that outputs love,joy and pain
no algorithm can ever calculate
the complexities of the human brain.

hope i am learning something in my algo lab!!


mund said...

kya be ....algo class mein poem likhne ke bajaye padh likh leta to achha hota...
anyways nice begining..better keep it..or if u r not that much lazy then put some 'bhasky's special craps(read funda-philosophy)into ur blogs...as u spit those things out of ur mouth just puke it in ur blog..it wud be better for us at least ..the lesser mortals..

lagey raho darujee...:)

siddhartha said...

thanx be mundu....waise i wld say i am still not sure who is the "lesser mortal"!!.....but haan i wld try nd put some of our 'bhasky funda'....KEEP WAITING!!

Ashish said...

hey sidharth that was well written ..and have u taken the algo course in maths dept or cse(god forbid):D

chal may the force be with u...

Yashpal said...
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Yashpal said...

masto poem daru ... kudos... best part is the background ...the algo lab (just loved it that u wrote this in a lab)... keep up the good work