Monday, October 10, 2016

Facebook is your emotional bank.

Facebook is like a bank. We have accounts in banks where we keep our most precious belonging. A bank holds our money and hence is a measure of who we are. If your bank balance is like the number of hits Tushar Kapoor has given, your face and personality might resemble him. On the other hand, if it’s like an Aamir khan, you are never complaining.

Facebook, I feel has become a bank of our emotions, our good times. You wake up in the morning and open your facebook account to witness all good things happening o your friends. Somebody is into a relationship; somebody is globetrotting and putting happy pictures, parents putting up their kids in funny poses and equally funny taglines, pictures and status messages signifying achievements. It’s as you do something good and put it in the bank of facebook for preservation and an interest.

The interest is the likes and comments one gets. In psychology, I had once read of something called the positive stroke. It’s like a unit of ‘good feeling’ that one gets on recognition or appreciation. More recognition means more positive stroke. Likes and comments are like a positive stroke. Hence Facebook makes it possible to get an interest out of a capital you have with you.

Just like a bank can be looted, your account can be hacked. Losing money from your bank account and getting your account hacked along with the hacker posting something on your wall will give you similar feelings of disgust. We sometimes see strange status messages from well to do people like my good friend proclaiming that he is gay! Or a beautiful woman writing that she is single and available! Both of these sound strange and scary.

A good bank balance is proof of your financial soundness. Regular credit into the account keeps it healthy. Similarly, a good facebook balance is good for your emotional soundness. Regular updates about good things which have happened to you will keep you emotionally healthy.  Or you may remember the tinge you feel after hearing about the savings in your friend's account when your account is like a desert, thirsty for a flow. You will keep getting the same tinge when your facebook is full of happy things that are happening to others while your wall is empty and crying for good news.

Finally having a good bank balance is no proof of your having a healthy lifestyle. You may be the richest man in the world but equally sad and lonely at heart. Money can’t buy you everything, as a common saying goes. So beware of the walls of some facebook friends. A good wall does not guarantee a happy life. The person could have the most happening facebook wall but could be the biggest ch***** and p**** of them all, gate-crashing to places he/she ought not to be. As they say, sometimes it is the one who makes you laugh the most is the saddest of them all. 

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