Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The Good, the devil and the Asshole

Assholes are the only thing devil would be afraid of. I am sure he/she has the ammunitions to deal with the good and virtuous with the war going on for ages. But assholes, they come in their own variety and forms, very difficult to deal with.

The problem with assholes is that they are not sure of what they want to do. And so they tend to get attracted to the confident ones who have some idea of their lives. If this is a supplementary attraction like the one we read in our school textbooks between the buffalo and the crow, then one can tolerate the shit. But this is more parasitic, more assholic.

Why would the devil be afraid of assholes! Because he/she fears that they would do it to him what he/she wants to do to the others. And that too in some mysterious form which would only be evident later. Assholes make visible the cautious and insidious mechanisms of the devil. They make it weak, make a joke of it. They are a traitor to its workable ways.

A friend of mine X once met an asshole or to be more precise a bunch of them, all together basking in their new found glory living in the cognitive illusion of grandeur that a mediocre society had bestowed upon them.  X fell into this illusion in part. Maybe he is an asshole himself.  He got acquainted with the group learning their ways and in some ways imparting his own to them. It was all hunky dory. That is how an illusion works. All iz Well. The devil though must have gotten pissed off at such a display of laxity while he/she was working day and night to screw people. Or maybe he/she was unable to be a part of such an illusion. How could assholes neglect him in such a way? How could they screw it by not being good but still being peaceful! It had to do something. The devil could not tolerate such a situation.

But what happens when the devil meets the asshole. Fireworks? No. it's actually pretty boring. The devil is reluctant to display its methods to the assholes. And the assholes do not give a fuck about the devil. But they have to get things going, and both have the same enemy, so they need somebody good as bait. That is where many people have fallen prey to in this world. When you hear that somebody good could not achieve what he/she was meant to, please keep in mind that he/she could have had invited the devil on account of being with assholes. So when the good, devil and assholes come together, the assholes cannot do much. The devil ultimately may get the good, but his/her punishment is that his/her methods are exposed by the assholes, and he/she has to reinvent his/her strategies. Assholes meanwhile once they are done with the process change places like gypsies. Or more often than not they split making excuses and inventing unreasonable arguments.


jai said...

Nice Blog Sid. Devils have reason to turn from good to ugly but assholes without reason do ugly things.

Siddhartha said...

thanks jai..you are right