Wednesday, March 29, 2017

When it rains out of the blue

When it rains out of the blue, the place does not look the same. Rains can transport you to those times before when you would have had some interesting experience trying to escape downpour, with friends or alone looking for a large tree or a tea shop somewhere in the vicinity. Of course, here I am talking about the downpour which is more drizzle than heavy. Like the one happening just outside my balcony.
The sound of rain, like the sound of a flowing river, never gets boring. It’s not like the sound of a car honk or a dog barking which can get on to you. One can stay with its soothing tone for as long as it goes on. Then there is the subtle sound of raindrops falling from the roof if you are in a close enough vicinity to hear the ‘tap tap tap’. Might remind some of a famous song of the 90’s, just a digression.

One can have interesting times with an umbrella during rainy days. As useful as they are when they are outside, above your head, unfurled and all protective; it is an equal trouble once inside. Whether it’s a class or house what the hell to do with a wet wrapped umbrella can sometimes be difficult. You could open it up and let it dry, but that takes a good amount of space and is especially difficult when there are a number of them. A wet closed umbrella, if it's black in colour is like a crying baby, can’t keep close, do not want to keep too far away especially if you in a habit of forgetting. I lost three umbrellas once in a span of a week and since then I have lost two more. An ingenious invention is a thin polythene bag wrapped around your head. Its keeps the water out of the hairs which I hear is the reason for getting sick in rains. Rest of the body can cope up with the wetness with whatever they can manage.

If it has rained after a long time, the smell of mud wafts through the air. It’s difficult to feel it now but I remember I used to in early days. Rains also keep the dogs away for a while on the roads, which is comforting. It’s resting time for them. It is fearful to think of a situation when one is chased by a dog in rains especially with an umbrella in hand.

Rains can turn into a nuisance just like too much of anything else. The air in the house gets thick and the environment can get gloomy. One stops enjoying the tea anymore, wants to go out. Slippery floors, wet clothes, and unwanted guests.

But the best thing in the rains is to get wet at one's own will. 

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