Sunday, April 30, 2017

Selfie is boring marketing!

Nowadays, especially if one is watching IPL, the ads are full of mobile phone companies showing off their selfie characteristics and urging us to take selfies. I ask a simple question: what is it about a selfie that so much money has been poured into using it as a marketing gimmick? Personally, I do not see any value to it. One can very well watch oneself in a mirror so a selfie must be meant for other people. And other people would be tired of seeing your face day in and day out on the digital media. The face does not change every day. The expressions do but most of the people with selfies are not actors, they do not have to speak with their expressions. As for the background of the selfie, I believe natural surroundings or whatever the background is, are best clicked in isolation, let purity remain. So who came up with this grand selfie promotion idea, god knows!

It is a promotion of self-love shown in different forms. With Ranveer Singh, the moonlight selfie is in the garb of true love. Even the moon is not spared. Only yesterday I was looking at the lovely crescent shaped moon. Let there be love in the moonlight, what is the need to take a selfie and show it to the world. Then there is the Deepika Padukone ad with friends. She is just laughing with her friends smiling over. Will you buy a mobile for doing that? A good time with friends is as precious as a lotus in a dirty pond. Better than crunching together for space to get all the people in the picture why not ask a passerby to take a nice little one with your already existing mobile phone. All of us have done it at some point in time. Another ad is the one with Alia Bhat in it. It’s a strange one. And stranger is the sound. She is in this lighted room with a mike with a song ‘Welcome to Selfiestan’ with different versions of selfie being proposed to the buyer. It has a lot of views on youtube. This is the creation of a whole new world around us. Are we expected to take a selfie in whatever group we are! Waise hi life mein itni problems hai, ek achchi selfi leni ki problem upar se aur le le kya?
Marketing men, it seems sometimes lose their mind!

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